Hi everyone! 

Thanks for stopping by to check out my website. Eventually, I'll get to blogging and being more social on the ol' interwebs but for now, I must finish my books. 

A little bit about me...

I self-published a book. A dog book, at that. I was told nobody would read it. Agents rejected me, as did publishing houses. So, I set out to learn how to do it my way. Nine months later, I hit the New York Times Bestsellers list. A month after that, I secured international publishing deals. 

Now? I'm a full-time writer when I'm not helping authors to self-publish.

I'm finally stepping into my own. Writing the stories from my heart and loving every minute of it. Oh, and these two cuties keep me company on the daily ---> 

I'm super easy to get a hold of - feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or comments. I'll respond in time. 



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New York Times Bestselling author, Tricia O'Malley, lives in Milwaukee with her much doted-upon dogs, Briggs and Blue. On a typical day you will find her lost in the worlds of her making or daydreaming about her next trip. Tricia loves fun vacation reads, hates wimpy characters, and hosts a serious addiction to traveling the world. She finds inspiration on the go – and you’ll often find her books set in beautiful settings with characters tangled in affairs of the heart…or murder.